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4 simple steps to publish your real estate advertisement and make it visible all over Switzerland. Start now!

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Useful guide to real estate investing

Since ancient times, the concept of homeownership has been one of the basic needs in the lives of individuals and families in general; today as in the past, it is an ideal haven for assets when you want to protect your capital.

Pros and cons of a mortgage

Some useful tips on how to take out a mortgage and its optimum durability and sustainability. The ability to enter into a mortgage on the property you want to buy as a real estate investment remains one of the most common solutions to acquiring the necessary resources to cover the missing...

Moving - Useful tips

When you buy a property with the intent to use it as your primary home, permanently or for a limited period, it is important to look at practical issues that a possible relocation may require. Proper planning is of course essential for everything to be done as efficiently and effectively as possible, minimizing the stress that...